The Black Rifles 

This Hertfordshire UK three-piece band is truly hard-hitting with the heavy grunge bass, bullet-like drums, and sonic ejaculations from their two guitarists. The vocals are powerful and the lyrics paint a picture you can really see.

  From the artist, on The Feel  

This song was inspired by the religious paradox in which many find themselves.

The FeelThe Black Rifles
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LCKY is an NYC based artist and music producer.

  From the artist, on RIOTS  

Video & music recorded 10/31 - 11/04 2019


As artists, we had reasons we already felt were relevant, in making “RIOTS” as concept, theme, content creation and final works.

We never hoped that unfortunately, the work would continue to be relevant or reflect a current situation.

We Are Not Ok With The State Of This Country & Similar Effects Around The World.

Governments Cannot Stifle Media & Information That Belong To Us, The Public.

This Is Not Entertainment Of Loss And Struggle, It Is Enlightening To The Repeating Reality & Our Responsibility As Individuals To Be Fly, Good People.