Upper Management 
Diamond Braxton - Editor in Chief
Keagan Wheat - Managing Editor
William Whitmire - Grant Writer / Business Dev

Defunkt Magazine 


Keagan Wheat - Senior Poetry Editor
Kimmie Wolf - Associate Poetry Editor 
Sofia Trousselle - Poetry Reader

Diamond Braxton - Senior Prose Editor
Kaunain Khan - Associate Prose Editor 
Lihem Amlack - Prose Reader
Kalena Holeman - Prose Reader
Raul Martinez - Prose Reader 

Creative Nonfiction
Megan McKinley - Senior CNF Editor 
Sofia Trousselle - CNF Reader
Vanessa Wolosz - CNF Reader
Sienna Liu - CNF Reader 

Samantha Fowler - Senior Art Director

Lucas Del Pico - Senior Music Editor 

Fall 2022 Interns
Oliver Willham - Fall Prose Intern
Gunner Law - Fall Prose Intern
Dominique Leon - Fall CNF Intern
Aileen Fonsworth - Fall Poetry Intern /                                                             Communications Intern


Defunkt Press

Poetry Chapbook Readers

Keagan Wheat 
Kimmie Wolf  

Fiction Chapbook Readers
Diamond Braxton
Elizabeth Del Soto 

Social Media 
Elizabeth Del Soto - Social Media Manager 

Book Reviews

Cyrus Pacht - Book Reviewer
Elliot Eatinger - Book Reviewer
Bruno Rios - Book Reviewer

Thank you to our Sponsors!

We at Defunkt are lucky to have such a rich and diverse literary base here in Houston, TX our sponsors are a part of that community and we are proud to call them friends and colleagues!

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