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Medical History

By Max Gillette

Finally given the usual

clipboard & chewed pen,

I scan the familiar items

(Do you have a family history of...)

& notice a new question

like a bruise on the pale


In the past 12 months, have

you been physically abused

(punched, slapped, kicked, etc.)

by a member of your household?

I trace faded florid prints

(wrist, chest, face, neck)

then remember the purpose

of my visit. Circle no.

Rain pounds like a fist

against the window. I pray

(not for the first time)

that my doctor’s exam room is



Max Gillette is an English major at Central Michigan University, where they work as an editor for two student-led publications. Their poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Spoonie Magazine, Cutbow Quarterly, Morning Fruit Magazine, Rainy Day, and other journals.

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