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Teens Against the Book Bans is an initiative to raise teen voices (ages 13-18) so their voices can be heard in the ongoing fight against the book bans sweeping the nation. In this collection, we will publish a new piece every Friday, starting July 1st until we reach 50 submissions total. Once we hit 50 submissions, we will create a print anthology in order to cement their voices in history. We invite you to read on and hear from those who are actually being affected by the book bans. Their voices matter and need to be heard. 

Interested in submitting to this initiative? 

To submit, please send an email to with the headline "TEENS AGAINST THE BOOK BANS SUB" and include your bio (less than 100 words), a headshot/selfie, and your piece. You can send up to 3 poems, one story or personal essay, or up to 3 pieces of art.  


Does this project pay teens?

We are sadly not able to pay teens for this initiative. This is a passion project started by our EIC to use our platform to raise teen voices. We are a small nonprofit and there is no money to be made here, and we wish we had the money to give. 

Will this appear in print?

Once we hit 50 subs, we plan to create a print anthology that we will post on our Blurb site who handles shipping and distribution just to ensure these pieces are cemented in history. The digital showcase and PDF of the book will always be free for everyone.

Why should I submit?

This is a wonderful opportunity for teens to be published for the very first time about an initiative they care about. While we cannot pay, you will have the opportunity to work with our EIC and have your words shared on all our social platforms for our readers to see!

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