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At Defunkt, we’ve been trying to come up with ways to start paying our contributors and are proud to announce we’ve created a Patreon page to do just that. All funds gained from Patreon will go SOLELY to paying our contributors. Patreon subscribers have 4 tiers to choose from, each including exclusive access to all Defunkt has to offer.

Ever wanted to have exclusive access to special submission calls and cover reveals? How about being able to use our expedited response feature for FREE? All Patreon subscribers get first access to our Volumes two weeks before we post them on the site, have EXCLUSIVE access to all anthology releases, AND SO MUCH MORE.

Visit our Patreon page today and become a Defunkt supporter! It’ll be a lot of fun and you can rest assured knowing your money will go towards funding talented writers for their incredible work!

Micro Patron

Micro Patrons are for those who want to dip their toes into supporting Defunkt. As a Micro Patron, you gain exclusive access to our anthologies (which are only available to Patreon subscribers), early access to our Volumes (we will post them in Patreon two weeks before launching on our website), early glimpses (of cover art, summer theme reveals, special submission calls). This is the perfect tier for those who want to be in the know and have early access to all Defunkt has to offer. Be a Micro Patron today and help us pay our contributors for their amazing work!


Novella Patron

The Novella Patron gets all the benefits of the Micro and more! It is perfect for those who know they love Defunkt and want first access to ARCs of chapbooks we plan to publish every year. We will post descriptions of the books we're publishing and you can request an ARC to have the book for free in exchange for a review! You will also receive a free shipping code to use at our online store to have our printed volumes or chapbooks shipped to you at no extra cost!


Novel Patron

As a Novel Patron, you gain access to all the benefits of a Micro and Novella Patron + the ability to have your name be included on the supporter page of our printed volumes, anthologies, and website! You can also submit to our submission window and have your submission be responded to within 2 weeks versus our 2-4 month response time. This is the perfect tier for those who not only want to read our work but for those who also love to submit to us!


Epic Patron 

 The Epic Patron receives all of the the previous tiers rewards + gets all Volumes and Chapbooks shipped to their house. We publish 2 general volumes, 1 themed volume, and are aiming to publish 2-4 chapbooks a year with 2 being the bare minimum. That equals at least 5 Defunkt books being shipped to your home every year! This tier is perfect for those who love what we publish and want to create a dedicated book shelf to house all of Defunkt's work.

*Please do not subscribe to this tier if you do not live in the United States since international shipping costs are too high. Thank you*

Thank You to Our Subscribers!

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Alba Benedetto               Gabriela Torres            William Whitmire
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