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An Open Letter to Dr. Frankenstein and Company

By Carson Sandell

bluestone flesh stitched alive,

mullers enameled in mica, he watches

you dance on the concept of death with a stare

glazed in graveyard fog. his fingers, pitchfork

stiff, sought guidance from townsfolk

who prayed for convention and preyed

on whoever defied it. oh, Victor, he craved warmth,

not flame to fascia: you maimed hope. a hermit

sutured his decay, led his tongue to language,

taught him to break bread, not necks.

he chose life with another man. and you chose

to create life with one. if townsfolk found this truth

your heart would taste crucifix splinters.

his loneliness was cured, after all, a monster’s

love is still love. oh, but you equated conformity

to comfort. electrified another corpse to consciousness.

upon rebirth, she rejected him. it’s vile how you created

a woman for the pleasure of man. how evil

the narrowness you assign to desire. you tore him

from the one man who didn’t want his skin seared

on the stake. though at the climax of his sorrow,

he electrified all, except you, Victor. he won’t

be the last lover of shadows. from windmill, wedding,

to wake, he surrendered warmth.


Carson Sandell (they/them) is a queer trans poet from San Jose, CA. They are a 4th Creative Writing undergraduate at University of California, Riverside. Outside of academia Carson is also Poetry Reader for Split Lip Magazine and Poetry Editor at Poetry is Currency Magazine. Most nights you will find them at home reading or writing over a glass of wine.

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