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Axiomatic: Music for the People

Updated: May 5, 2022

By Rafael Rosa

From the artist, on “Axiomatic: Music for the People”

“Axiomatic: Music For The People” is a composition that came about a few years back when another musician asked me if I played music as an artist or as a plumber. I made this tune so hopefully people could access a type of originality and organicness lacking in some of today's "Perfect" music. It explains itself if it makes you move!

Listen to "Axiomatic: Music for the People" here:


Rafael Rosa has been performing and teaching for the past 12 years in Brooklyn. He has performed with the likes of Ben Rosenblum’s Nebula Project, Luba Mason’s Mixtura, Cody Geil’s Bon Musique, and his own original band amongst other collaborations. He is currently part of the Faculty at LIU’s ROCNATION, and has taught at other colleges like NYU, CUNY, Saint John’s University, The Brooklyn Music School, Stevens Cooperative and his private studio: The Brooklyn Rock Academy, helping students graduate to colleges like Berklee College of Music, Wells College, Indiana University, etc.

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