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Cabin Fever

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

By Ashley Gilland

From the artist, on “Cabin Fever”

I wrote this song about my cabin fever during a low period of my summer depression, pre-Covid, but the song and video have had renewed relevance from the pandemic and remain poignant for even more people than before. The video, filmed while home alone, attempts to show my day-to-day activities trying to get myself to do something, anything. The song was later released to all streaming services in 2020 on my first EP, Robin’s Egg Blue.

Listen to "Cabin Fever" here:


Ashley Gilland is a writer, musician, multimedia artist, and student from Missouri. Her work is published or forthcoming in Currents, Boats Against the Current, and Dishsoap Quarterly. When not writing poetry and philosophical flash fiction, she also loves composing and recording music, embroidering mixed media art projects, and helping with the campus radio station. Find her music on Spotify and Bandcamp, her art on Instagram and Etsy (@pocketsnailart), and her tweets at @earlgreysnail.

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