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Orca Raccoon Crow Anole

Art By Ners Neonlumberjack


Ners Neonlumberjack was born in a tiny town in central Indiana in 1986. Having lived throughout the Midwest and Southern United States, the variety of landscapes in which they have lived informs a wealth of variety and interest in plants and animals in imagery as well as material choice. After graduating Herron School of Art and Design with degrees in Painting, Sculpture, and Art History in 2009 the longing for a sense of place and being conscious of the fragile nature of mortality has been a current within the works. Currently based in Zion National Park, their works maintain an environmentally conscious and sustainable working practice. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty across the continent, works straddle the line between painting and sculpture showcasing vibrant colors in geometric patterns on raw natural materials such as sticks, stones, bones, feathers, and logs. The ever-present theme of mortality is contrasted with lively colors, and abstracted imagery of flora and fauna abound as they correlate alongside three-dimensional works.

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