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What Is Sacred

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

By Beck Guerra Carter

“we are in a world that is not ours. what do we do with the / dreams that touch our consciousness in the nude each night?” -Tatiana de la Tierra, “Dreaming of Lesbos”

We are free

from sin.

If our bodies

are meant

for burning,

it is only

the torch

of touch.

Bless these

bodies. Bless

your mouth

which is


and mine.

Bless me,

Butch and


Bless you,

and all





our mother

and the mother


we share.

Our bed

is an island.

A sanctuary.

A church

where all

our kind

can come.


Beck Guerra Carter (they/she) is a nonbinary lesbian poet from Austin, Texas. They are an MFA candidate at Texas State University. Beck has been published in Lavender Review, the lickety~split, and elsewhere. Their life is more than a list of failures and accomplishments. So is yours.

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